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Midwives Alliance Strategic Plan

The Midwives Alliance Strategic Plan builds on past successes and ventures into bold new directions.

The Midwives Alliance Strategic Plan emerged from membership input and the knowledge, skills, and wisdom of thirteen expert Board Members who collectively hold over 250 years of experience in the areas of midwifery, women’s health service provision, public health and education, social justice, and health policy reform. Our Strategic Plan provides the architecture and road map for achieving our vision, articulates key goals, and identifies specific initiatives and projects.

Strategic Goals for the Next Five Years (2011-2015)

Goal 1: Prioritizing a Social Justice Agenda ensure that all women have access to excellent care throughout their reproductive lives and equity in achieving perinatal outcomes.

Goal 2: Engaging in Political Advocacy ensure that women have access to highly skilled midwives who are able to interface with the maternity care system and are adequately compensated for their services.

Goal 3: Strengthening Organizational Capacity fortify MANA’s foundation in order to fulfill our mission in an effective manner and support the professional development of our members as they serve diverse communities of childbearing women.

Goal 4: Increasing Public Awareness and Education highlight women’s reproductive needs and how midwifery can meet those needs.

The success of the strategic plan depends on our greatest asset—involvement of our members. When the Midwives Alliance’s members combine their talents, ideas, and expertise to achieve common visions and goals they are, and have been, an unstoppable force and a catalyst for change.

Our success also depends on opening our hearts and doors to greater diversity and a wider cross-section of midwives and midwifery supporters. In this way the needs for health, self-determination and dignity for all people— including underserved and marginalized populations and communities—are served. Our success in this realm will depend on cultivating a greater appreciation of the richness of differences and mutual responsibility for the health and well being of all of our mothers and children. Our strategic plan creates a framework for crafting innovative and inspiring solutions.


Click here for a pdf file of the Midwives Alliance Strategic Plan