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MANA's Student Section

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The MANA Student Section is designed to serve as a professional network for student and new midwives (less than three years in practice), providing educational resources, student peer reviews, scholarship opportunities, career development, and a support to students committed to the Midwives Model of Care©.

How to Become a Member of the Student Section

Any MANA member who identifies as a Midwifery Student or Apprentice is welcome to join this section.

How the Student Section Works

The MANA Student Sections hosts free monthly webinars for members and bi-monthly peer reviews. The section has a Yahoo Group that allows all members to connect with one another and provide support and resources. Members are committed to helping each student with the journey of becoming a professional midwife.

Aza Nedhari


As of Spring 2012, the Student Section Chair was added to the MANA Board of Directors. Aza Nehhari, is the section chair and the first student leader to sit on the MANA Board. For questions or more information contact Aza at (202) 746-7801 or email